Blog migration

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I have migrated my blog to my domain. Updates will be done at the new site.


Coming Soon!

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My apologies for the lack of updates. The past weeks have been really challenging for me having to complete the editing of several weddings, designing the albums, advertising media, meeting customers and many many more …….

Among the mountain of tasks, there’s two significant ones that I hope to share more in the next few post. One being the most challenging for me. I have not given a thought for it (maybe because I’m preparing it for next year), somehow with the encouragement of a senior, I decided to submit my portfolio for judging to gain admission into the MPA (The Master Photographers Association). I’m still in the midst of selecting and editing the images before the final prints. There’s so much details to look into and in the process I really learn a great deal in the potential of one single image. The judging is on the 29th Oct and I only get to touch down Singapore at 7am that morning after my Paris Bridal shoot (I’m really looking forward to it). So I really gotta quickly sort out the prints, the mounting and stuff before I fly off.

The next big thing that is happening will be my move to a new studio. The past 6 months in Bali Lane has been really rewarding and I couldn’t thank all my wedding couples enough for your tremendous support. I will keep you posted when the place is ready.

I will post more of my recent wedding work soon. And time for me to hit the bed with 4 hours more to shooting Jawn and Valarie’s AD. Woohoo!

ChrisWoon earns acceptance into the WPJA

•September 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

WPJA white_banner_black_gray_border[1]

I’m happy to gain acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an International, membership-based organization representing professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. As a WPJA member, I join the ranks of some of the most talented wedding photojournalists in the world as judged by their technical, creative and visual aptitude.

I look forward to presenting you greater work.

Winning pic from AGWPJA contest

•September 19, 2009 • 7 Comments

I’m delighted to see my winning image from Andrew and Helen’s wedding held in Brisbane this year. It was a candid moment during their reception. The moment truly reflects their personality as a couple. I’m really happy with the win and will do even better for the next quarter contest.


The vast open sea

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A shot of me at Point-danger, Goldcoast


Back to editing.

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A better half of my work is spent in front of the computer desk doing editing and retouching of images. A good amount of time is spent doing research and reading to further develop the way I shoot. Here’s one that I shot sometime back but decided to re-edit again.


Bridal @ City of Romance, Paris

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I’m shooting around the world again and this time to the City of Romance, Paris. This is gonna be a real good deal for those who are still having consideration whether you wanna go for it. Whether its Pre-wed, Casual lifestyle or even post-wedding, you will be assured of great fun and company from yours truly. Weather is just great between 10 – 16 degree, great screenery and a relax holiday. Details as follow:

Bridal shoot in Paris @ $3,500
a. Price includes Photographer (ChrisWoon) airfare and accomodation
b. 1 day of shoot (approx 10 hours)
c. 20 Page Premium Flushmount Album
d. shooting period 21 Oct to 28 Oct
e. Confirmed shoot: 26th Oct, 27th Oct, 2 more slots available

Check out great deals from Singapore Airline to Paris on the new A380-800 for just S$1188 inclusive of taxes. (offer till 7 Sept 2009)


Qatar Airway to Paris offering world class comfort at afforable price of $950 inclusive of taxes.

Check out Gowns for rental from Vivian Gown. She has more than a 100 selections for your choice.

Contact me for an appointment @ my studio.

+65 9877 9974
32a Bali Lane (by appointment only)